Friendly Butterfly

Who wants a butterfly that likes its friends and family?  We can't all keep butterflies, but with these bowls and plates you can have immortalized butterflies to bring out whenever the urge strikes. The Aporia crataegi or black veined white butterfly sometimes appears as if its wings are made of glass. It reminds me of stained glass so I decided to include it in my new collection.  The shapes of the veins and the contours they follow are so terribly beautiful. If you feel like having a look at the social butterflies you might be best to start in open forest, pasture, orchards. lanes, gardens, meadows and amongst shrubs. You will need to travel though. Start with Europe, then move on to temperate Asia, Korea, Tibet, Mongolia, North Africa and Japan.

 This collection is a study of the butterfly with some of the pieces close up and others at a distance. So, in some you can see the whole butterfly and in others you can concentrate on a part of its wing structure or its wing shape. If you put them together you make an ideal set.

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