1 - 9 Circularity Collection

These are one of a kind pieces of art. Bespoke pieces that only you will have.

It is a study of the circle. Every single cut of every piece of glass was made using the same radius. It was a test of what is possible, by restraining design ideas. The goals was to create simple harmonious pieces that were all connected to each other by geometry and colour.

Every single piece is connected to every other piece. Like we are.

1: The Pink Tulip

2:  Red, red ready

3:  Sea green, teal

4:  Clouds in the sky, rocks by the sea.

5: The Red Centre 

6:  Opalescent dreaming 

7:  Shades of indigo, lilac and red

8:  Neutral circles 

9:  Strawberry, Boysenberry Creme Brulee


 Platter dimension: 370mm x 6mm

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